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Turtle Village and Ice Fishing

Both Turtle Village and Ice Fishing Village were worked on collaboratively. The recommendation was to visually link them in a cohesive way to maximize awareness and connection they have with one another. This is important fundamentally seeing as they are both used at different times of the seasons and closely related to one another from a tourism perspective.

Turtle Village Logo
The concept of this logo is based on leveraging the name “Turtle”. The configuration of the turtle shell illustrates the 8 shells which make up the accommodations and camping area. The fire in the centre provides a hub and acts as a visual reference for both logos The trees above are integrated to represent outdoors  - for the landscape, Illustrating Clear lake as a beautiful and tranquil part of our province

Ice Village Logo
The layout of the logo echoes the Turtle Village logo. This is intentional to have them both work in harmony.  The colour of this logo represents the season of winter. Using one of the most caught fish on the lake, the pickerel is created in a circular form to illustrate a hole in the ice. The hook in the middle is the same shape and location of the fire in the Turtle VIllage logo.
Concept Development
Logo Design
Brochure and Pamphlet design
Print Production