The Opportunity
Travel Manitoba, a government agency responsible for promoting tourism in Manitoba, recognized the importance of supporting and promoting Indigenous tourism to not only bolster the provincial economy but also reinforce Truth and Reconciliation number 92. This commitment opens up opportunities for Indigenous communities to showcase their unique culture, history, and traditions while also benefiting from economic growth.
The Challenge
IndigPro, an Indigenous marketing agency, was tasked with creating a testimonial-based campaign for Indigenous Tourism Manitoba (ITM) to increase awareness of the unique experiences offered by Indigenous communities. IndigPro's approach was to capture the authentic stories of Indigenous entrepreneurs, artists, and tour operators through video testimonials and social media posts. These stories showcased the cultural richness of Indigenous tourism and its impact on the local communities.
Travel Manitoba was instrumental in making this project successful by providing ITM access to their network and knowledge base. This collaboration allowed ITM to leverage the resources available to Travel Manitoba, including their website and social media channels, to promote the campaign and reach wider audiences.
The Results
The impact of the campaign was significant, as it resulted in increased engagement and bookings for Indigenous tourism experiences. It also brought greater visibility to Indigenous entrepreneurs and their businesses, allowing them to benefit from the economic growth generated by tourism.
Moreover, the campaign strengthened Travel Manitoba's brand equity by reinforcing their commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and showcasing their support for Indigenous communities. The testimonials captured by IndigPro provided an authentic voice that resonated with audiences and created a lasting impression of the positive impact of Indigenous tourism.

In conclusion, the partnership between Travel Manitoba and IndigPro successfully highlighted the importance of Indigenous tourism in Manitoba's economy and reinforced Truth and Reconciliation efforts. Through the testimonial-based campaign, Indigenous entrepreneurs and their businesses were given a platform to showcase their stories, resulting in increased bookings and economic growth. Moreover, Travel Manitoba's support for this campaign elevated their brand equity while also contributing to the betterment of Indigenous communities.