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Indigenous-themed brand for Canada Day 2023, emphasizing truth and reconciliation, fostering community connection and deep engagement.

The Forks

Event Brand Development- Finding Our North Star
IndigPro was asked to create an Indigenous  based brand for the Canada Day Celebration 2023 at The Forks.  Building on the 2022 celebrations, our goal  was to craft a strong visual identity for the event that honours the voices of Indigenous peoples, youth,  and all who call Canada home. With  “Win Nipi: the original gathering place” at its core, this event honours the historical spirit
of these lands, featuring music, ceremony, and community festivities.
The main challenge was ensuring that the design remained true to the initial theme and that it connects with the community. Our aim was to create a design that represents the diverse culture and heritage of Canada. A creative that tells a story which fosters connections and inspires reflection on our collective responsibility to witness the truth and continue our commitment to reconciliation.
To enhance, build and grow the message for the importance of truth and reconciliation to a broad audience. Canada Day at The Forks is one of the largest events of the year, allowing for positive and meaningful experiences for everyone to share.
Using the established theme “Finding Our North Star '', IndigPro developed the official brand and creative for the The Forks 2023 Canada Day event.

The concept centred on a strong  Indigenous visual approach. The elements include:
  • The turtle, one of the 7 sacred teachings of Indigenous culture, is a primary focal point. The turtle represents “Truth” or “Debewin” and is featured in a celestial manner to bring attention and importance to truth and reconciliation.
  • A North Star is integrated into the turtle to visually reinforce the theme in an uplifting and positive manner.
  • The bottom graphic portion illustrates the integration of  2 ideas. The flowing lines merge to represent the Indigenous historic importance of the Red River and Assiniboine River, forming The Forks.
  • The graphic also identifies 2 symbolic figures formed from the water, embracing and looking upward to the sky and celestial pattern.
  • The city skyline is intended to create context for the event. It’s created as a smaller graphic to emphasize the grand nature, power, and beauty of the prairie sky. The lines are used as a graphic device to illustrate bead work and stitching, very significant to the Indigenous way of life.

With this, we created a design that deeply resonated with the audience and the Indigenous community as a whole.
  • Concept Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration & Iconography
  • Event Brand Development
  • Digital and Print Creation
  • Print Production