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Our ability to see unlimited possibilities

It all began with an underused space

Mino Dawaa

Brand Creation and Vision
The Challenge
Mino Dawaa was born from a powerful vision to empower Indigenous businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to offer a versatile rental space, free from the limitations of a traditional brick and mortar office, while still providing all the modern amenities necessary for success. Say goodbye to pesky overhead costs and hello to a supportive and innovative environment.
The Opportunity
Our objective is to create a distinctive brand that resonates with Indigenous business communities in Manitoba while highlighting their specific needs and services. Let us help you raise awareness and strengthen your connection with this valuable audience.
The Solution
Starting with a unique name, mino dawaa - mino - good; nice; well and dawaa - a space; room, this became the foundation for the brand. The concept for the logo is created based on the cross section of the tree. Each circular band represents growth, with the center circle being the space from which to work.
Scope of Work
Marketing & Communications Strategy
Strategic Development
Concept Development
Graphic Design, Illustration & Iconography
Print coordination
Website design & development
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