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Leveraging our deep understanding of the Indigenous culture to craft a brand that resonates.


Creating an Indigenous-centric brand
The Interlake Reserves Tribal Council Inc. (IRTC) consists of a partnership of seven Manitoba Interlake communities working together to advance the collective well-being of members from the communities which include Dauphin River First Nation, Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation, Lake Manitoba First Nation, Lake St. Martin First Nation, Little Saskatchewan First Nation, Peguis First Nation, Pinaymootang First Nation.

IRTC created support programs to assist in improving opportunities for people in the communities, offering tools to aid and guide them in bettering themselves.

IndigPro was asked to create a brand design for the Pre-Employment Supports Program to educate, inform and inspire members of the Indigenous community to get them away from support programs in the long run.
There is an opportunity to assist IRTC and the 7 communities in creating meaningful awareness and opportunity for all target audiences and the general public.
Developing the brand started with creating a name which uniquely identified the support program. The name Wiiji’idiwin is used, which means: mutual help or assistance, helping others.

The primary object is a feather which has a stylized person reaching upward in the middle and supported by the 7 communities. Two faces, a female and male on either side, the sky, and trees are also used to represent mother earth.
  • Concept Development
  • Graphic Design, Illustration & Iconography
  • Print Production