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Our Approach to Brand Redevelopment -

Speaks to Indigenous culture through history, knowledge and deep understanding

Indigenous Tourism Manitoba

Brand Redevelopment
The Challenge
Indigenous Tourism Manitoba (ITM) is a newly formed organization that exists to support Indigenous tourism operators in Manitoba, in diverse sectors, in all regions, with experience in development, marketing, advocacy and more.

Leadership and collaboration are necessary for the Indigenous tourism sector in Manitoba to recover and prosper. This begins with a robust and vibrant Indigenous Tourism Manitoba Association that has a strong voice to lead and advocate for the sector.

Indigenous Tourism Manitoba provides opportunities to share Indigenous culture, stories, and art throughout Manitoba. A brand and website had been developed, with some Indigenous components in place, however, it did not tell the Indigenous story the way it needed to be told and overall lacked authenticity and meaning that would connect with Indigenous and non-Indigenous business and consumers. Communicate the value of Indigenous tourism to Indigenous communities, business leaders, government and the general public. Also, tourism operators are not aware of the brand and the opportunities that lie in becoming a member of ITM.
The Opportunity
To rebrand ITM in a manner which truly reflects Indigenous culture, history and traditions for Indigenous peoples in Manitoba.
To express and share Indigenous stories to engage audiences in a meaningful way
IndigPro was contracted to create a new brand, website and create brand awareness for ITM, putting authenticity of Indigenous culture, people and language to the forefront.

The Solution
IndigPro developed a logo which embodies Indigenous culture, history and traditions. 5 key elements are used - Connection, History, Tradition, Spiritual and Celebration. The outer hoop is used to complete the logo and each of the 5 coloured beads represents the 5 Treaties in Manitoba.
Using the logo as a foundational component, It allowed the brand to expand exponentially. Taking the elements and graphics to build the brand with continuity and visual impact.
We also crafted a social media awareness campaign strategy and implementation that highlighted the brand, objectives and goals to generate brand awareness and recruit members for ITM.
Scope of Work
Strategic Development
Brand Concept Development
Graphic Design and Production
Print coordination
Website design & development
Social media awareness campaign

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