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First Nation Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba (FNHSSM)

Supporting the Gifts of First Nations Adults Living with Exceptionalities Report

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with FNHSSM on this very important document. FNHSSM supplied content of this research report and we were asked to embody and express the report with a strong visual tone.

In carefully reading this report, what resonated most of all was the deep rooted  struggles and challenges of people living with disabilities in First Nations communities. For this reason it was important to provide an impactful visual approach of optimism and positivity being the ultimate goal.  Through the use of bold colour, graphics and periodically highlighting the voices of the disabled, the visual story embodies this approach. In addition, utilising one of the seven sacred teachings - the eagle was used as an image to reinforce the overall idea for the importance of love.

This project was very gratifying to work on given the importance of this report and being able to assist FNHSSM in visually communicating their story to First Nations communities.

Data Sovereignty Logo Design
Using the turtle as the driver for this concept, the idea is to create a strong visual hub to represent data. This reinforces the importance of containing, controlling data and how it is to be used. The interlocking circles represent the sharing of data and diversity of organizations and communities within Manitoba. The inspiration for the overall tone of the logo is an integration of both a technical and organic, natural and man made feel.
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