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Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

Public Service Awareness Campaign
The Challenge
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba wished to better understand the specific educational, workplace and registration experiences of Indigenous engineers and geoscientists, and what barriers they face in the profession. A research study with two focus groups involving Indigenous engineers and geoscientists, conducted in 2020 by Probe, delivered the following key findings:
  • Participants had low awareness of engineering and the geosciences in grade school or even early university.
  • Many participants found their transition into the workforce was a difficult one.
  • There were mixed reports on experiences of racism in the workpalce and mixed explanations for the barriers to engineering and geoscience for Indigenous Peoples
  • There were few obvious barriers to maintaining registration
The opportunity
Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba hired IndigPro to help bridge the gap between Indigenous youth and careers in engineering and geoscience, through the development and implementation of an awareness campaign. Ultimately the goal was to generate interest and increase entry into the profession
The Solution
IndigPro built a strategy around engagement tactics - developing thought provoking messaging and deploying highly targeted communications chanels.
Five videos profiles were created, highlighting Indigenous people in the profession. The videos were individually crafted to inform by:
  • Educating the target audience with simple and direct messaging through engaging videos
  • Highlighting industry attributes and benefits and to inspire and encourage through: powerful, energetic, dynamic imagery and targeted messaging.
  • Emphasizing the support system that exists to aid in a successful, lifelong career.
A strong call to action supported each video, with a focus on establishing supportive pathways to success. A microsite was developed to provide key information about the offerings and benefits. Finally, ENGAP, the Engineering Access Program, was also embedded as a tool to motivate those who may need financial assistant.
Scope of Work
Marketing & Communications Strategy
Video & Post Production
Concept Development
Graphic Design, Illustration & Iconography
Print Coordination
Website Design & Development
Campaign Development
Radio Production
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