Our Values



In Indigenous cultures, the turtle is a revered and influential symbol. It plays an essential role in creation stories and has significant meaning in the teachings and values handed down by Elders.
The turtle's associations with creation are numerous. In many cultures, the turtle carries the earth on its back, forming the foundation of the world we live in today. In others, the turtle plays a part in the creation of life itself, offering its shell as a spawning place for the first beings. It is believed that the turtle has existed for millions of years and embodies the knowledge and wisdom of creation.
The turtle's slow and meticulous nature is a symbol of truth, life, and journey in Indigenous culture. It is a reminder of the importance of taking time and care in our path, instead of rushing headlong into action. The turtle teaches us to embrace each moment, taking the time to reflect, learn, and grow.
The turtle also represents living life with faith and trust in one's beliefs, displaying honour and sincerity in all actions and words, and understanding one's place in the world. The turtle serves as a reminder of the importance of staying in touch with cultural values and participating in the teachings of Elders.


    The bear is often seen as a symbol of bravery. The mother bear, in particular, embodies courage and strength as she protects her young and faces her fears and challenges head-on.
    But the bear also teaches us about the importance of balance in life. Just as they alternate between periods of rest, survival, and play, we too must find a way to balance our own lives.
    To truly face life with courage is to know bravery. We must cultivate our inner strength in order to confront the difficulties that life throws our way. This means having the courage to be true to ourselves, defending our beliefs and values, and making positive choices with conviction.
    Ultimately, facing our fears allows us to live life to its fullest. By embracing the spirit of the bear, we can find the courage and strength to live a truly balanced and fulfilling life.


      The beaver is a symbol of wisdom, as it uses its natural gifts for survival in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. By altering its environment, the beaver ensures the benefit of its family and recognizes the importance of using inherent gifts wisely.
      To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom. By respecting the limitations and differences of others in kind and respectful ways, we can continuously observe the life around us and listen with clarity and a sound mind. By learning from our experiences and living by our wisdom, we can show respect to ourselves and our surroundings.


        The buffalo is a symbol of respect. Despite its great value and importance, the buffalo willingly sacrifices every part of itself to sustain the human way of living, out of respect for the balance and needs of others.
        To truly honour all creation, we must show respect in our actions and teachings towards all things. We must be mindful of the balance of all living things, avoiding waste and practicing generosity by sharing whatever we can spare.
        Perhaps most importantly of all, we must treat others as we wish to be treated, avoiding any actions or words that could be hurtful to ourselves or others. By living with respect and honour towards all things, we can help foster a more balanced and harmonious world for everyone.


          In the wolf pack, humility reigns supreme. The wolf understands that its life is not its own, but belongs to the pack. To be cast out from the group is the ultimate shame.
          As humans, it is important to recognize our place in the world - we are a sacred part of creation, but we are not above all else. Practicing humility means living selflessly, rather than selfishly.
          We must carry ourselves with pride, but embrace the accomplishments of others as well. Arrogance and self-importance have no place in a humble heart.
          Finally, true balance comes from recognizing our interconnectedness with all living things. Let us all strive to live as the wolf does - with humility, respect, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.


            The eagle is a symbol of love and strength, as it has the ability to carry all teachings and fly highest and closest to the creator. Its vision allows it to see all ways of being from great distances, making it a powerful teacher.
            Love is at the core of all teachings, and the eagle feather is considered the highest honour and a sacred gift. By viewing yourself from the perspective of all teachings and embracing love, you can find peace within yourself, with the balance of life, all things, and the creator.
            Embrace the wisdom of the eagle and know true love - then you will find peace.


              According to "The Seven Sacred Teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman" by David Bouchard and Dr. Joseph Martin, Sabe represents honesty. Sabe knows who they are and lives their life accordingly. In the same way, an honest person walks tall like Kitchi-Sabe.
              Sabe reminds us to be true to ourselves and not try to be someone we're not. They don't envy the power, speed, or beauty of others, but instead use the gifts they have been given to survive and thrive. And so should we.
              To live with integrity is to live honestly. We need to start by being honest with ourselves, accepting who we are, and using our gifts to better ourselves and those around us. Let's strive to be truthful and not deceive ourselves or others